Have Organic Food Delivered to Our Aurora Apartment by The Organic Dish

It’s late at night and it’s been a hard day at work. Heading home, the last thing anyone wants to do is pull out the pots and pans and whip up an organic, gourmet meal from scratch. Never fear! The Organic Dish, a meal delivery service, is now offering routes to Crestone Apartments in Aurora.


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There are fresh and frozen meals available and the menu is constantly changing. It’s possible to stop by the kitchen or opt for delivery. Choose from tamales, teriyaki skewers, pad-thai with tofu and more. There are veggie options, gluten free options and even special menus for new moms.

Throwing a party at the Aurora apartments but don’t want the hassle of grocery shopping? The Organic Dish will provide all the ingredients for a private party, all you have to do is enjoy freshly prepared, delicious organic food. Want to send a new mom a gift? She’ll love having The Organic Dish delivered to her Aurora Apartment. There are tons of ways to enjoy this wonderful service. Share your ideas on our community facebook page. 

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